Join the Movement!  

We’re launching Kinetics-Connected to keep our beloved dance community strong, connected, and MOVING throughout these challenging times. 

How does it work?  

Built with contributions from our amazing KDT faculty, this video library is intended to provide you with a wealth of at-home practice and instruction guides.  New videos will be posted each Monday as part of our social media campaign #MovementMondays-KineticsConnected, and will be posted here in library format, and labeled according to genre and level, to keep everything accessible any time.  

Join us! 

  • Visit the site anytime to select a video. Choose an appropriate level and genre, clear a space in your home (most phrases are designed to be possible in smallish spaces, but be sure to remove unsafe obstacles!), warn your family members (or invite them to join!), and get moving!
  •  Visit us on facebook and/or instagram to see the videos as soon as they’re posted each Monday!  
  • Post a short video of your participation to share on facebook or instagram.  Be sure to use the hashtags #MovementMondays and #KineticsConnected

New instructional videos posted every Monday for Movement Mondays!


Ms. Jodi’s Beginner Adult Ballet

Ms. Sarah’s Ballet Barre

Ms. Teresa’s Modern Swing Combination

Ms. Colleen’s Tap 2/3 Combination

Ms. Colleen’s Advanced Tap Combination

Ms.Pam’s Floor Warm-Up

 Ms. Teresa’s Adagio at the Barre

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Outside Instructional Videos